Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden dog!

I went out this morning to take some pictures, and my dog decided she didn't like the wet grass. For her morning sunning, she laid down in an empty spot in my flower bed...and hammed it up when I brought out the camera.

She posed and I took probably 30 glamour shots of her. Can you tell I don't have kids? :D

Here's one of my favorites. The unimpressed look is a classic.

I also started a new flickr account for the 'hair talk' thread and that'll be my etsy flickr.


snowy652 said...

sooooo cute


BabyLyons said...

lol, i love how dogs have such personality! what a cutie :)

fluffnflowers said...

Thanks, everyone. She may be cute, but she's a very, very baaad dog. :)

Dogonwear said...

awwww what a great picture