Saturday, June 28, 2008

Seed collection has begun!

It's that time of the year!

Thursday, I harvested my first batch of Gomphrena seedheads and spent a lot of the day sorting them. I also cut my dwarf Teddy Bear sunflower heads and sorted them.

Today, I collected more Malva, Callirhoe, and pruned off my first set of Monarda seedheads. I don't have very good luck collecting the beebalm, but I try every year, anyway.

Hopefully, I'll have some more hosta seed to share, shortly, too! I just noticed some of my seed-grown 'mutts' beginning to bloom. They're so rewarding to grow from seed and it's amazing what variety you can get from plants prized simply for their leaves.


Anonymous said...

I just raided my mims garden. I was picking seeds and thinking how amazingly peaceful it was. Like the whole world stopped. :)

fluffnflowers said...
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fluffnflowers said...

It's a great, soothing activity. That and weeding are biggies for me. :)