Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Card crazy

Due to recent concerns publicized on the etsy forums that these cards are copied, without authorization, from happygirlgreetings, I thought I would add this little disclaimer making it clear that this is my own design, as much as a generic design can be. The fonts are all standard in my graphics program and do not identically match that produced on the cards. The images are all MINE, from when I took them all of the way through to the final edit. These are OBVIOUSLY not direct scan and edits from the cards she sent me. I am deeply apologetic for any misunderstandings that may have occurred, and I will forward this on to my legal counsel for clarification on whether this may constitute infringement.

I'm crazed! I did my first small, custom run of cards last week by happygirlgreetings, and I've got the card bug. She did a great job, was super accomodating, and had a great feel for what I wanted. I've already got them all accounted for, so I needed to make another order and decided to play around with some other designs on my own.

And this is what I got:

I'm a complete computer graphics dunce, so I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Compared to my original promos, they're about a million times more attractive. I was able to keep the upright thing going on, and they're just the right size to have a pack of seeds attached to the back.

I'd been doing some price hunting and was a bit disappointed that they were going to be entirely impractical to print less than 500 of each set (putting the entire order into the $130+ range), until I ran across a great deal with off-site codes by vistaprint.

I've heard all of the terrible things about them, but I decided to go for it anyway and ended up with a $35 order (including shipping) for 4 sets of 250 cards without their name on the back. I wanted to do a double sided card, but it wasn't worth $11 for each set of 250 for one small line of text on the back.

I think that these are flashier and will work better at shows and in promo packs. The happygirl ones are more sedate (dare I say professional?) and will be better suited to be included attached to bonuses in orders and for handing out to people who ask for them.

Hopefully, they turn out well and the entire order processes alright without any undue surprises. For $35 it was worth a try and the hassle of a potential chargeback. We'll see!

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