Thursday, November 6, 2008

MMG'ers strike again!

Yesterday was the first day of what's going to be a new MMG (More Meaningful Gifts -- a BNR group started up by the lovely Dorana) tradition -- The Sneak Attack!

Most of us already know about the official Sneak Attack organized by The Handmade Movement, but this sneak attack is just for MMG'ers. If you're on the list by 9AM Eastern time on the day of the attack, you're put into a random drawing to be the 'victim' shop.

Last night's shop was Tsurfer, a lovely lady with lots of fun, creative pieces like these zipper pouches and purse organizers.

The next attack will be held next Wednesday, 12 Nov., at 9PM. Make sure to tune in and buy onto the list by 9AM to participate!

(You can find the link to the daily thread by checking out the last page of the previous day's thread.)

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