Saturday, December 6, 2008

A new MMG home! and trees.

I've mentioned the BNR thread that I participate in and the great group of people who are in it before, but this little BNR has become something big! The lovely Dorana arranged a ning site for this group here. Check it out, if you're interested in hangin' with a bunch of great, supportive etsians with a ton of community knowledge who are always willing to help!

This BNR thread is having a holiday swap, and I've been kinda freaking out about what to do. The original idea I isn't going to be possible in the short period we had to get things together, so I've been trying to find Plan B. My brilliance kicked in this evening and I have a plan; all I have to do is check my inventory tomorrow and see if THAT'S doable. I think it will be!

And a picture from one of my front beds I took yesterday:

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