Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not much excitement.

It's officially winter and garden activities have been reduced to clean up and planning for the spring. My biggest project has been moving a massive forsythia that the former owners poorly planted and cleaning out the English ivy that the neighbors have let run rampant.

Here's the forsythia before I cleaned out the ivy around it:

And here it is after I cleaned it out:

After cleaning out all of the ivy, I found that the ivy had caused the forsythia to airlayer itself. This has given me a bazillion forsythia babies, all over 2' tall. I plan on listing those in my etsy shop, at some point.

The plant itself divided into two giant chunks that I have already planted where they will get much more light and, hopefully, bloom more frequently.

I did learn one thing from this entire escapade that I am allergic to English ivy. I will wear gloves the next time I fiddle around with it.


Anonymous said...

I still say burn that stuff down! Technically I think that being allergic to the ivy constitutes that you were attacked by it, which I knew would happen. IVY = SCARY

BiscottiQueen said...

That sounds like a real bummed... I don't like messing with ivy at all. I still have scared areas and welts from several rumbles I got into with some Trumpet Flower Vine last summer. EVIL!