Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Etsy love - Share random acts of kindness that you've experienced from other etsy members!

About two weeks ago, I got a convo from someone complimenting me on my pictures. We had a bit of a chat and we were talking about my Rose of Sharon when she mentioned that she had a few herself. She sent me some pictures of her beautiful plants, of which I was very envious.

Well, the lovely lady was ennadoolf, a fellow Etsy seller, and she offered to send me some seeds of the two colors she had that I don't have! I got them in the mail last week and can't wait until they germinate.

Make sure to check out her shop and it's great assortment of dolls, accessories, patterns, and more!

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amber said...

What a great story thanks for sharing! I hope they all germinate and you will be able to share the etsy love with others!

Amber plantgirl.etsy.com