Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We have birds in the chimney.

Our chimney is chirping, today. A small bird spent a couple of weeks hammering on the aging trim of the chimney, and it's dilligence has paid off. I wish I knew how the bird knew that we wouldn't be using the chimney all summer, but it probably has the safest nest in the neighborhood.

We're going to get the siding redone this summer, so I really, really, really hope that they babies are born before that happens.

In other news, I randomly sent in an essay to a group, and I have an interview for May 8!  I'm pretty bumfuzzled and very excited, so I went outside for a bit of that gold ol' garden therapy.  I also took some pictures (of course!)

Above is a lovely little primrose.  What I love about it is the leaves, which you can't really see.  They're a deep red and have a green rim.  It's also a great, drought-resistant plant which is becoming increasingly more important here.

Here's a bit of humor.  This is a head of buttercrunch lettuce...smack dab in the middle of one of my beds.  I was growing some tubs of lettuce over the winter, but we had a rather nasty storm that ripped the roofs off of neighboring houses and took away my hoophouse.  It flooded my lettuce pans and then froze mightily, killing all but one little head of lettuce.  When I was doing cleanup after the storm, I was waffling on whether to feed the little guy to my piggies or plant it.  I decided to plant it, and it stood all winter and has handled 90F weather, recently.  I'm 
pretty shocked that it's so
bolt resistant, thus far.  I'm trying to figure out whether to cut
 it soon or to let it go to seed.

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