Monday, May 19, 2008

More pictures and updates on the Guerrilla Seed Project

EtsyPHAT is doing a promotion of guerrilla gardening, and I've been leaving these wherever I've had an opportunity. I dropped some on the entrance table at Home Depot and noticed a woman inspecting and taking a few of the packets on my way out. Score! I also left some at one of my many doctors' offices. The next appointment I go to will also be seeded.

And, as usual, more pictures! I'm a picture addict, it seems.

Callirhoe involucrata
(buffalo rose, wine cups):

This is a stepping stone I made a few weeks ago. I love playing in the concrete, and this was one of my first sandcasting attempts. It makes me smile. Here's Oh No! Al:


alamodestuff said...

Isn't spring grand! Great blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!

Beat Black said...

hahaha, i wish i add an appointment with you so i could be seeded!

fluffnflowers said...


beat black -- I'll give you my doc's number, but I'm pretty sure you won't wanna go! :)