Wednesday, June 4, 2008

News and stuff

Here's a mystery lily that I got at the plant trade. I have no idea what it is, but it's definitely not the 'yellow' lily that it was labeled as. I think it's nice, if not particularly interesting. I'm glad it's settling into it's new home. This is it's first flowering, here, but it has a bunch of nice, fat buds and a couple more bunches coming.

The past couple of days have been revolving around organization. I've been running out and taking pictures, doing quick weedings, but I haven't had enough time to find places for some plants that need to be in the ground yesterday. It appears like that'll have to happen next week, since I spent the beginning of the week getting my guy ready to head up to his dad's for their annual fishing expedition.

From this evening, out, I'll be planning for my own trip. I'll be officially offline from Friday to Sunday evening, if all goes well, since my father and stepmom are going to be picking me up to go to my grandmother's 80th birthday party in Mississippi. It'll be a bit of a hit-and-run, but it's bound to be a big, tiring affaire. Sadly, my Sprint wireless card doesn't have good signal out there and the only internet available is the slowest of the slow wireless.

Today, I will put up the notice in my etsy shop announcement.

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Ashley said...

What a gorgeous flower!