Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another lovely plant to propagate.

Today, I'll be going outside, braving the cold, and clipping off a handful of cuttings from this lovely. Mine is still holding onto it's leaves and flowers, but I don't know how long that'll last with the weather being as cool as it has been.

I have decided that I will stop shipping live plants (not including moss!) at the end of the month, unless by special request. I've reduced my live plant prices, so take advantage of this and grab what catches your fancy or wait until next spring!

In other news, my heart surgery is scheduled for 13 Nov. Eek!


Devin said...

I am so sorry to here that you have to have heart surgery.My thoughts and prayers are with you:0)

Anonymous said...

Hiee such a lovely picture! I wish i could feel some cool air too but too bad is always summer all year long. >_< Sorry to hear about your heart surgery. My prayers are with you! Take carez and hope to see you soon!